We love our brides. Over the course of fittings and multiple meetings we get to connect with them in a truly special way. It's sort of amazing when all these women with their own unique stories come our way and trust our work. We'll never say enough times that this is what keeps us going, and loving every bit of what we do. 

Olivia is our latest Brooklyn bride. We live and breathe its energy, and thought that hers would be a great story to start this blog with. Probably our most rushed (ever!) bride to be, she came to the studio with barely a month left until her big day. She knew what she wanted, came all the way from SF with her heart set on our lovely Marlene, and oh boy was it a match made in heaven. 

"I saw Marlene for the first time on Instagram 3,000 miles away on the West Coast, and immediately knew that she was the one. I fell in love with the beautiful floral details, and the way she flowed and moved. There is a simple elegance and romanticism to the dress. It was a mad dash to the finish line... Since we lived in California, I tried her on for the first time one month before my wedding! All my friends were so anxious that I was betting everything on this dress... what if it didn't work out? I didn't have a back up plan. I just knew that Marlene was the gown I wanted to get married in, and luckily everything went perfectly! Marlene is absolutely stunning. It's all thanks to Tatyana and her team of super stars. "

Olivia and Frank met in New York. He was a bouncer at an event in Manhattan. She thought he was cute, and he connected with her on LinkedIn (yes, LinkedIn seemed to work as a dating app back in the day) two days after. He moved to Boston and for two years they rode buses back and forth. The distance between them did nothing but strengthen a much greater love. He moved back to New York and they continued to explore the world together. Eventually, they packed up everything they owned in his trusty Toyota Camry and drove one way, cross country 3,300 miles with 3 hedgehogs to sunny California, to pursue their careers, hers at Google and his at Tesla. Talk about a power couple!

We absolutely love the pictures they shot strolling around Brooklyn. The industrial vibe, the dirty streets, the way he looks at her and how she floats in happiness like a princess out of a fairy tale. The love that beats between them and how they seem to be part of a perfect movie set. Life is definitely better than a movie when you look at these two, and we can't get enough it it. 


If we had to pick a favorite, this would be it. Our hearts drop with these skyline pictures. We can't deny that we have a special thing for this city, but who doesn't uh? They decided to tie the knot back in New York because of memories, friends and family. And it all looks pretty damn gorgeous.


The ceremony, dinner and party that followed took place at The Brooklyn Winery, which set a magical backdrop for this newly wed couple. We love absolutely everything about the rustic minimalism of this wedding setting. Stunning place for a stunning couple, inside and out! 


Still processing the joy that these pictures radiate, Olivia+Frank, we wish you all the happiness in this new chapter of your lives.

Dress: Marlene

Photography: Matt Lien

Venue: The Brooklyn Winery

Make-Up: Peilee Tang